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Ida Times Green

I was born to serve! I am a lifetime resident of Marin City, raised by working class parents and a mother who advocated not just for her children but for many within the district. I believe one of the tenets of a public education is to offer life changing opportunity. I am compassionate, energetic, professional, and willing to work tirelessly in the district I call home.

Each of the two schools in our district has a contingent of concerned parents, volunteers, staff, and administration who desire to see all children succeed. Each has camaraderie and a bond which strengthens our schools.

However, as an incumbent member of the school board and its current Vice President, I have observed that parents share a mistrust of the district in multiple forms. Parents at the traditional public school feel shunned due to losing vital educational offerings, and there is a contingent of parents from the charter school who worry that the district will not have their best interest in mind when the time comes to revise the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the district and the charter school.

I am deeply connected to this community and have friends and extended family with children at both schools. My constituents trust me to remain committed to serving the interests of all children at each school. I will continue to advocate for decisions that do not hinder our children but elevate them.

I do not want the term “equity for all” to become a cliché, but my life’s work for all our students. I am concerned with low student achievement at both schools, and specifically among students of color. It is time to close our district’s achievement gap.

For the past four years I have been working with others to put systems in place to help restore Bayside Martin Luther King after several years of setbacks. We adopted a community school model and are currently putting the bandwidth in place for a robust school program in tandem with community services. This work will take more intentional time for its success and I feel strongly that my work is not done.

We need to continue this work with five viable board members. Unfortunately, two of our board members have regularly recused themselves, and the district is under investigation by the state Attorney General. These legal matters are distracting and place the district in a vulnerable state. With this election we can restore integrity and transparency to the board so that all its members can serve our district with the positive attention it deserves.

A vote for me is a show of support for progress in our school system where all children are given an equitable opportunity to thrive to the best of their ability through shared resources and a caring community.

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Bonnie Rose Hough

Sausalito and Marin City are blessed with so many talented people committed to bringing opportunity to children in this district.  My goal is to bring those assets together to create a school system where all children are educated to thrive in high school, college, and beyond.  Bringing people with different perspectives together to achieve a consensus is not easy, but in my work it’s what I do every day.

As Principal Managing Attorney for the State of California’s Center for Families, Children, & the Courts (a division of the Judicial Council), I lead a team dedicated to improving court services for children, families, and others who would otherwise be underserved.  I manage multi-million-dollar grants for programs designed to increase access to justice, and provide education to the public and the courts on making the law accessible and understandable.

I know board work, how to be a constructive team player, and practice active listening to build relationships and resolve conflict.  I was a founder and Executive Director of the Family and Children’s Law Center, and have served on the boards of La Familia, the YWCA, the Marin Food Bank, Marin County Women Lawyers, the Marin County Law Library and many other fine organizations.  I was President of the Marin Women’s Political Caucus, served on the San Rafael Planning Commission and the Peace Conversion Commission, and now serve on several state and national committees.

I have lived in Sausalito for 14 years and in Marin for nearly 40 years. I have served as an elder and Sunday School teacher at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Marin City for nearly 20 years. I chose to teach Sunday School because I really enjoy spending time with children, hearing their stories and doing art with them.  I know that parents need respite at times, and children need to get to know that a wide variety of grownups care for them.

I will serve with integrity and conscience.  I have no conflicts of interest and can participate in all meetings and decisions.  We need five engaged, impartial members who are unequivocally committed to all the children in the district.  I intend to support the efforts and fine offerings at Willow Creek Academy and focus on stability for the children at Bayside Martin Luther King who have endured disruption in their location, administration, teachers, and offerings.

Improving the relationship between the two schools and parent community is key.  We need to encourage more discussion and opportunities for parents to share their concerns and get to know each other.  A first step to building consensus is finding common ground, and we can begin by affirming that we all want the best for the children of our district.

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