Democratic Central Committee of Marin!
Marin County Young Democrats (MCYD) has endorsed Ida Times Green!
Marin Women's Political Action Committee (MWPAC) has endorsed Bonnie Rose Hough!
The Marin IJ has endorsed Ida Times Green!


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I endorse Ida Green and Bonnie Hough to serve on our Sausalito Marin City school board. Our combined communities of Marin City and Sausalito are diverse in many ways, as is our student population, and I am convinced that this diversity needs to be represented on the board. Ida is a product of our schools, the only person running with that experience. Bonnie brings a fresh perspective that I think can help provide balance. They both care, and they have my vote.

Anne Lamott

I am enthusiastically endorsing Bonnie Hough and Ida Green for school board. I have known Bonnie for nearly twenty years in a teaching capacity, and can not think of anyone with more student skills and integrity. She is highly intelligent, committed to educational equality, and she is also gentle and compassionate. She is a highly skilled lawyer and negotiator, wise and deeply fair. She and Ida Green will bring deep care and commitment to the school board.

Dr. Lois Merriweather Moore

Ida Times Green and Bonnie Rose Hough is the dynamic leadership team needed to guide the next generation of students in the Sausalito Marin City School District. Their personal background, professional expertise, and time-proven concern for the best interest of all children and families will serve as a powerful asset for the Sausalito Marin City School Board.