Diverse Constituents – Diverse Representation

As a group, three of our opponents seek to bring “common vision” to the Sausalito Marin City School Board. In contrast, Bonnie and Ida seek to bring diversity and balance to our district school board. Rather than a
packed board of charter school leaders, we think a board membership that includes multiple viewpoints will better represent all members of our community.


The Charter School slate does not make clear the deep involvement in the charter school leadership of their candidates. As an indication of governance style, and ultimately respect for voters, we find this omission troubling at best.


Ida has loved ones at both BMLK and WCA. Bonnie is a decades-long advocate for children, evidenced by her founding of the Children and Family Law Center in Marin County and her work with the ACLU in Mississippi.

Clarity and Vision

We think public education is a universal right and common good. In this district with vast income inequality, this is an important thing to preserve. When supported by the community, public education can be a tool for dismantling the school to prison pipeline, and developing an informed electorate, engaged citizenry, and preserving democracy. It’s not just about your kid or mine. It’s about our community and the inherent, intrinsic value of every individual.

Progress and Momentum

From 2009-2016, the board was comprised of three Willow Creek parents and a Willow Creek founder, and during those years decisions were made that benefitted WCA and harmed BMLK. Our district is under investigation because of this.
We can’t go back to that. We began righting the ship in 2017 and with your vote we can stay on course. With your support, Bonnie and Ida will keep the momentum going for fairness,  excellence and opportunity.